Facebook Groups are NOT Enough: This Is Why You Need A Website For Your Business

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You need a website (or a better one).

You just do.

There's this phenomenon going on in the social media world. Instead of building websites that convert, some entrepreneurs are relying solely on social media to grow their businesses. Particularly, Facebook groups are growing in popularity and being hailed as the end-all-be-all strategy of how to finally "make it online".

It seems like everyone has their own Facebook group. 

Courses on how to "Rock Your Facebook Group Marketing" are popping up everywhere. People believe in them so much, I even had a coach once tell me that if I ever wanted to make more than 6 figures online, I would have to start my own Facebook group!

Now, let me be the first to say that social media is a great way to build an initial following. I get it. I do. You work with people, you inspire them. Socially conscious, heart-centered businesses especially are really well suited for social media engagement, but it shouldn't be the only way you can get clients consistently.

I repeat. Facebook should not be the only way you can get clients consistently.

You may think you don’t need to spend time building or improving a site of your own because social media alone has been working well for you (or it’s worked for your coach so you believe it will work for you eventually), but since I’m standing on my soapbox right now I want to tell you that this is short sighted thinking.

You need a website because websites build your business long term. 

That thoughtful Facebook post you spent all day working on, it’s about to get buried. Facebook is short term. Facebook is temporary. Your website, that’s permanent. I'm not saying stop using social media. I'm saying you need to have a permanent online presence too.

I totally get that building a website seems hard, but it isn’t really. My business is about finding ways to make it easier to claim your corner of the internet.

If you need help with the style or strategy, I can help.

If DIY is your thing, I can help.

If you just want it done fast, I can help

Give your website the attention you give Facebook and it will pay off your you. It’s like planting seeds. Seeds of business authority. You want to be seen as an authority right? Keep giving it love and attention and garden will grow (you WILL get more clients).

Have I convinced you?

Off soapbox now :)

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