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If your website is nothing more than digital brochure of information, whether it's well designed or not, it's very likely your website doesn't actually work. Yikes!

To be effective, your website needs to be more than a pretty holder of information. It should be a lead generating engine that provides a measurable ROI through business leads, sales, traffic.... you know, measurable results.

If your website isn't getting results, it's likely not your fault. There's a lot that that goes into making truly effective websites.

Today, the digital world has a lot of moving pieces. Design, development, hosting, SEO, copywriting, marketing and social media are some of the ever evolving building blocks that create a successful website that works.
For small business owners getting a handling on all of this is a lot to juggle. Too much, in fact, you still have a business to run, after all.

That's where I come in.

Hello there. I’m Maia Singletary. I'm a professional web designer, developer and digital strategist. 

I help savvy entrepreneurs implement growth-driven websites that fuse design, development and marketing goals to make more money in their businesses.

If you're done playing in amateur mode with an ineffective website, get in touch and  find out how I can help you grow your business with a website that works.

Hubspot Web Design SystemS & Theme Development

Custom theming and web design systems built on Hubspot CMS. These systems allow marketers to build and maintain custom high performing websites and landing pages with minimal developer support, saving time and money in fast-paced environments.

Hubspot Theme Development:
G2 Seller Solutions
G2 Research
G2 Track

Hubspot Design Systems:
G2 Marketing Web Modules
Gympass Marketing Design System

Reach 2020

An on-demand virtual conference built and deployed on Hubspot CMS for G2.

HUBL, custom events, password-protected pages, webhooks, marketing integration with callbacks for advanced tracking and personalization.

Reach 2020

How I Built a Virtual Conference on Hubspot | Maia Singletary | HubSpot Developer Day 2020

Whereby Demo Room

Adding embedded video to your digital product is hard and complicated. Especially if you are working with limited engineering resources. Whereby Embedded allows developers to add web real-time video capabilities without the hassle. This web-based demo, built using Whereby Embedded API, demonstrates some of the features you can implement programmatically.

Whereby Embedded API, ReactJS

Whereby Embedded Demo


Hello Maia

Experimental dive into blockchain development. This application interacts with the test Ethereum network Rinkeby. No actual Ether is exchanged ;)

Wave App



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