3 Questions Your Site MUST Answer in 7 Seconds to Convert

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Did you know that when a new visitor comes to your website you have about 7 seconds to answer the following questions to grab their attention because the average human attention span is only 6-7 seconds. That's less than that of a goldfish, who are able to concentrate for a full 8 seconds.

Question #1: What is this site about?

Your visitors should be able to figure this out right away. Have a catchy headline to grab viewers' attention followed by a tagline or unique selling proposition that makes your site’s purpose crystal clear from the get go.

Question #2: Is this interesting to me?

The next question is answered by the visual elements, branding or the design of your website. Your colors, fonts and imagery all communicate a message that will immediately be accepted or rejected by your ideal clients. Reading an about page takes time (much longer than 7 seconds) so visual cues are used to by viewers to develop that first impression as to whether or not your website is relevant to them.

Question #3: What do I do now?

If you’ve answered the first 2 questions and your viewer hasn’t clicked away, it’s time to get them to do do something. Don’t make them wonder what to do next, tell them in concise, clear language with a call to action that converts visitors to leads.

Does your website pass this test? Ask a friend (or better, your ideal client) to answer these questions, if they can’t it may be time to revisit your home base.

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