How To Build Your Site On A Limited Budget

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OK, so here is a dilemma I often hear when it comes to website building. You want a professional website. You've finally decided to step up and present yourself like a pro and you really want a standout site. You know you need it to reach the next level. You've decided to go for it.

You get excited, and you start researching designers. You find the perfect fit. This designer is your absolute dream, but then you find out how much it costs for her to build your site and your heart sinks a bit. That beautiful, professional website is going to cost you between $2500 and up.

Now, if you're reading this article, I'm assuming you're on a limited budget and you also have standards, not just any site will do. Good! Your website is your first impression to many. It should be good.

Also, if you’re starting out and haven’t really tested your businesses idea yet, I don’t recommend throwing all your available cash on design just yet because you really need to learn more about your customers and what they want. Websites should always be built with your customers in mind, if you don’t know them yet, your could be wasting your money.

So what’s the solution? Set up your own site with a website builder. Today there are a lot of options out there for beginners to build professional looking custom websites without hiring a designer or developer. Two platforms I recommend are SquareSpace and WordPress, both have their pros and cons and which one you go with ultimately depends on your business. 

SquareSpace is great for beginners who need want to use predefined templates and have a 3rd party service handle all the hosting. You are more limited in what you can build and customize, but when starting out SqaureSpace websites are a great way to test the waters with a minimal investment. Costs range from $8 to $25 per month to get started websites are built on your own hosting account. There are a few more steps to setup the website, but the flexibility and versatility of WordPress is limitless. You can build any site you want in only a few days. WordPress is extremely popular and well documented, so you can always get help building your WordPress website. Additionally, the cost is relatively low, you only need to pay for hosting which is usually about $5-6 per month.

If you’ve been trying to do your own website or want to learn how to do your own site. I have a guided video course that’s going to show you exactly how to do this. It’s different than your typical WP course because I’m going to give everyone who signs up a 1:1 site review and you have the opportunity to upgrade to a LIVE workshop where I’ll personally walk you through everything. End result. You website will get done and look good at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire out the site completely you’ll be empowered to update it yourself as your business grows.

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