How To Get More Clients From Your Website in 3 Simple Steps

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Your website is an incredibly useful sales tool. Done right, it can be leveraged to bring in new clients, tell your story, establish your authority and set your business on the path for success.

But right now, your website may not be built to do any of these things. If you’re not getting results from your website, specifically, if you’re not getting a steady stream of new clients right now, let’s fix that!

Here's how you can start attracting more clients from your website in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create a client-attracting header with a clear CTA.

Creating a clear header with a clear CTA will immediately improve the effectiveness of your website.

Create client-attracting header with this formula: Headline. Unique Selling Position. Call To Action Button.

  • Your headline is an attention-grabbing sentence that addresses a real customer pain or one of their deepest desires that you can help with. If you are a energy healer or a massage therapist, your customer may deeply desire to be healed or eliminate pain. Write specifically to that desire in 5-7 words.
  • Your unique selling position that explains how you can help. Your USP should be specific, clear and unique. It should explain what you do and how you do it and be a full sentence.
  • A strong call to action button prompts visitors to do something like make an appointment, download a guide or join your email list. Make sure your CTA is written with strong action verbs like “Download” or “Sign Up”.

Step 2: Make your website simple.

Now that you have a clear, effective header with an attention-grabbing headline, USP and CTA, it’s time to eliminate any other unnecessary elements from your page.

Want to know a secret? Websites that have less elements and more white space are consistently rated by user as more beautiful than websites with a lot of things going on. Take a hard look at your website. What elements can you remove? Do you need that search box or that social media widget? Probably not. Remove it now.

Next add more white space. Increase the line-spacing of your text add more space between elements. Congratulations, you’ve instantly improved your website. It really is that simple.

Step 3: Add a popup to your website to build your list.

Pro tip: if you really want to improve your website, add a popup. Popups grow your email list. Your email list grows your business.

When a potential client comes to your site, that person may not be ready to sign up for your services right away, but she still could be your perfect client. Getting an email address ensures you can contact her later to make an offer and stay on her radar. How do you get more people on your list? Add a popup.

If you find yourself letting out a sigh at the thought of adding a popup, let that go. Popups work extremely well and don’t have to be annoying or intrusive to build your email list.

Quickly add a popup to your site for free with an app like SumoMe that integrates with your email software program like MailChimp.

If you aren’t already collecting emails, drop everything and sign up for MailChimp or ConvertKit or Active Campaign right now.

That’s it! If your website isn’t working and you feel stuck trying to figure why, start here. Follow these steps and you’ll instantly have a more effective website that brings you more clients and helps you spread your unique gifts to the people that need you. 

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