How To Tweak Your Affirmations So They Work for You

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If you're working on improving your business, there's no doubt the subject of affirmations has come up a few times, you're probably already doing them.

When you're expanding your business, getting your mind right is an important piece of the puzzle. You really do have to believe that you can get there first.

But what if your affirmations don't seem to be working?

If this is you, it’s okay, you can acknowledge it. It doesn’t make you bad at manifesting, or lower your vibration to be honest with yourself. Even if you don’t, your subconscious knows this anyway. You aren’t fooling it. 

Let’s talk about your subconscious and in a few seconds I’ll offer a affirmation alternative for you.

Your subconscious is like a child. Like all quick witted children, they can see through our bullshit. When you are doing affirmations you’re talking to this child, and in order for affirmations to work, you need to be saying something believable. 

SO, if you’re trying to affirm that you’re gong to bring in 20K months by saying “I have 20K months” but you don’t have any clients… your subconscious is going to check you. It KNOWS you don’t earn 20K yet, it’s going to say back to you, “OK” then go back to playing with its toys and not change a thing for you.

Here’s the alternative I was taught that really resonated with me.

Stop saying, “I am.” in your affirmations.

… Also make it rhyme and dance it out :)

“I have 20K months” becomes “20K, All The Way!” Your childlike subconscious likes the rhyme and doesn’t buck at you for trying to pull one over on it. 

Can you also dance or jump around a little bit while saying this to yourself too? Great! You’ve just made that affirmation even more fun for your inner child and she’s not ignoring you anymore, because you’ve got her attention. She’s listening, what else can you tell her?

Give this a try and see how it feels. 

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