How to Write an Irresistible Call to Action For Your Website

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How do you get viewers to do something on your website? 

Write irresistible calls to actions. 

A call to action is a button or link that invites your website viewers to do something. Buy a product. Join your list. Make an appointment. Getting users to click on your CTA and take this action should echo the goal of your entire business website. It's the next step someone takes. It's what starts the buyer on the journey of interacting with you.

Irresistible calls to action inspire viewers to take the next step.

Boring CTAs say something generic. We've all seen them. "Learn More" or "Click Here" or "Submit" Even I'm guilty of falling back on these common failsafes. But I know I can do better. I know its possible to write better CTAs that work harder to inspire action. I'm talking about CTAs so irresistible they begged to be clicked. 

How do you do that?

Aside from making your CTAs stand out visually, what you say in the actual button can make all the difference. Here's how you write irresistible calls to action for your website.

Stop using boring words.

Try to find powerful and intriguing words to use. Phrases like "Learn more", “submit” or "buy now". These words are boring they are direct and to the point, but everyone is using them and with so much online competition you need to stretch. Try to come up with something specific that shows the viewer what they’ll get when they follow through.

Which brings me to the next tip...

Use results oriented language.

mWhat happens after they click your button? Using a yoga studio as an example: Maybe you have a CTA button that says "Book a Class". Instead you could say "Refresh My Soul” under a headline about your yoga studio.

Instantly I’m more engaged and likely to click that button because I want that. I want that soul refreshing feeling more. I don’t want a class I want the feeling I’m going to get when I’m there and after I’m done.

Use first person language

The last tip is to write CTAs in the 1st person to make your buttons even more personal. Instead of saying “Download The Free Guide” Try using, “Send Me My Free Guide” now we’ve turned something we've all seen, something generic and impersonal, into something that’s both personal and action oriented.

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