This Is How To Write Content For Your Website That Converts

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Developing your content is one of the hardest and most important parts of creating a website that converts. Periodically, I like to ask my tribe of visionaries (yes, I'm calling you a visionary now) where they struggle the most in developing a website. Creating content is a struggle that's always on the list. So if you’ve ever struggled with trying to figure out what to write on your website pages this tip is for you.

Don’t write from scratch. Use a formula.

Use a formula to write great content that drives leads and sales. AIDA is a time tested writing formula that has been used by copywriting pros for years in direct response advertising and it works extremely well for writing webpages that sell. 

AIDA. Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

Attention. This is your opening. Start with an attention grabbing headline and you do that my directly addressing the problem you are solving with your product or offering. The attention grabbing headline is designed to get your customer to take notice.

Interest. Now that you have grabbed your readers attention in this section you’ll go deeper and deliver deep fresh, engaging information that relates to the subject. This is really where the meat of your writing is going to go.

Desire. Next you want to write content that addresses the needs and desires of your viewers. This is the emotional appeal you talked about the facts with interest now you want to talk about the heart and soul of what you’re offering and why they should care.

Finally, Action is when you invite the viewers to take the next step. Tell the viewers what to do next. Be direct. This is not the place to be coy. This section MUST include a call to action or CTA.

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