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How To Tweak Your Affirmations So They Work for You
October 7, 2016

If you're working on improving your business, there's no doubt the subject of affirmations has come up a few times, you're probably already doing them. When you're expanding your business, getting your mind right is an important piece of the puzzle. You really do have to believe that you can get there first.But what if your affirmations don't seem to be working?

3 Questions Your Site MUST Answer in 7 Seconds to Convert
August 24, 2016

Did you know that when a new visitor comes to your website you have about 7 seconds to answer the following questions to grab their attention because the average human attention span is only 6-7 seconds. Less than that of a goldfish!

How To Build Your Site On A Limited Budget
August 8, 2016

OK, so here is a dilemma I often hear when it comes to website building. You want a professional website. You've finally decided to step up and present yourself like a pro and you really want a standout site. You know you need it to reach the next level. You've decided to go for it.

How To Get More Clients From Your Website in 3 Simple Steps
July 15, 2016

Your website is an incredibly useful sales tool. Done right, it can be leveraged to bring in new clients, tell your story, establish your authority and set your business on the path for success. But right now, your website may not be built to do any of these things. If you’re not getting results from your website, specifically, if you’re not getting a steady stream of new clients right now, let’s fix that!